NuClimate has released the world’s most efficient 4-pipe fan coil. NuClimate has a history of building custom air handling units & chilled beams. They have used their knowledge to combine the advantages of a chilled beam induction design with a modern fan coil configuration.

The result is a fan coil that runs completely on 12V DC power. The fan coil uses 12V fans, water valves & controls. And the result is a unit that uses 5-10% of the energy that a typical fan coil uses. Total power consumption of a 1 ton unit is only 16 watts when used with the induction ventilation or 26 watts when used as a fan only configuration. This comparison can yield a savings of $300+ per unit per year.

The fan coil is available in a variety of configurations including vertical, vertical stack, sloped top under window, horizontal ceiling direct discharge, horizontal ducted & ceiling cassettes.

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