Prihoda is the largest manufacturer of fabric ducting & diffusers in the world! Prihoda provides ductwork as well as air distribution devices (or return devices) all at the same time. We offer positive pressure air dispersion systems (fabric ducting & diļ¬€users) as well as negative pressure ducting for exhaust or returning air to the unit from the space served. Our fabric duct sock systems are pre-engineered to your exact specifications. Why should you consider fabric ductwork for your projects?

  • The fabric duct is lightweight & easy to install
  • The material is anti-static, anti-microbial & offers three levels of fire resistance
  • Can be configured in a wide variety of shapes & colors
  • It can be removed and washed in a commercial washer
  • Can be provided with nozzles or diffusers to throw air exactly where you need it
  • Offers permeable material that will not sweat or cause condensation issues
  • Many products are made from recycled materials

We offer design assistance including an advanced software selection program that will clearly define the system sizing & airflow patterns. You can even evaluate the speed of the air across each surface of your facility. Whether you are dehumidifying an indoor pool room, conditioning a large space or just trying to save money over an expensive traditional ductwork system, Prihoda has a solution for you!

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